New Chat Box!!

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New Chat Box!!

Post  Ethan Morrow on Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:48 am

Attention Everyone. I have some great news. I have now added a chat box, at the bottom of the homepage! What a Face king
It's automatically going to say you are disconnected, but on the top right of the chat box window, there is an option that says "Log In"
That will get you into the chat.
I do not want this to take us away from posting on the forum, but it will be a gift to all of us that are on at the same time.
Now, before we all go and chat with eachother, i want to lay out a few rules and things to be aware of.
Rule 1: Absolutely no profanity will be accepted.
Rule 2: We will respect the other chat members, and will not spread gossip.
Those are my two main rules. If i see any more problems occurring, I might add more. But i trust you all to not to cause problems.
A few things to be aware of:
I DO have the power to disconnect you from the forum chat, and will if there is any broken rules. I can even take away the chat for good if it is abused.
Once again, I trust every single one of you to not abuse the chat.
~Ethan Morrow~
Ethan Morrow
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